Arrahmah Schools is a distinguished educational institution that seamlessly integrates various stages of learning to ensure a cohesive and enriching academic experience. 


Diverse Learning Modules

At Arrahmah Schools, we offer a comprehensive array of courses, both foundational and specialized, across our three institutions. From introductory subjects in the Academy to advanced modules in the High School, each is meticulously designed to provide students with a broad and in-depth understanding, catering to their academic and spiritual growth.

Arrahmah Academy

Our foundational school, Arrahmah Academy, caters to the youngest of our scholars. Hosting the preschool and primary sections, this academy serves as the bedrock of our educational system, laying the groundwork for academic curiosity and foundational skills.

Arrahmah Junior School

The transition from primary to secondary education is crucial. Arrahmah Junior School, dedicated to Grade 7 and Grade 8, seamlessly bridges this transition. Aligned with the Competency-based Curriculum (CBC), our junior school ensures students are well-prepared, both in content and character, for the rigors of high school.

Arrahmah High School

Catering exclusively to girls, Arrahmah High School is a haven of secondary education. Following the revered 844 Curriculum, our high school provides an environment where young women can thrive academically, spiritually, and socially, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the wider world.


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