Enrollment Guidelines & Privacy Framework

Understanding the Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Principles of Arrahmah Schools

Terms and Conditions for Arrahmah Schools Enrollment

  1. Introduction Welcome to Arrahmah Schools. These Terms and Conditions govern your application and potential enrollment at our institution, outlining the obligations, rights, and conduct associated with the process.

  2. Eligibility Applications are accepted for children who meet the age, academic, and behavioral standards as outlined by our admissions policy. Arrahmah Schools reserves the right to assess and determine the suitability of an applicant based on academic performance and personal conduct.

  3. Application Process All applicants must submit a completed application form along with the required documentation. Applications must be submitted before the deadline for the academic year to be considered for enrollment.

  4. Fees and Payments Details regarding tuition fees, payment plans, and deadlines are specified in our Fees Schedule. Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in suspension of the enrollment process or services provided.

  5. Acceptance and Enrollment Acceptance to Arrahmah Schools is at the discretion of the admissions committee. Once accepted, parents/guardians will receive an enrollment agreement that must be signed and returned to finalize the enrollment.

  6. Data Protection and Privacy The personal data provided during the application will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our students and their families.

  7. Photography Consent Photographs and videos of students may be taken during school activities and events. Arrahmah Schools obtains explicit consent from parents/guardians for the use of these images in our promotional materials, website, and social media.

  8. School Policies All students and parents/guardians are expected to comply with the school’s policies, rules, and regulations as set forth in the Student Handbook.

  9. Amendments Arrahmah Schools reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. The latest version will always be posted on our website.

Privacy Policy

  1. Collection of Information We collect information through application forms, website interactions, and other communication channels, ensuring transparency in how this data will be used.

  2. Use of Personal Information Personal information is used for purposes of the application process, academic, and administrative purposes, always with respect to privacy.

  3. Data Sharing and Disclosure Information will not be shared with third parties without consent, except where required by law.

  4. Data Security We implement robust security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction.

Cookies Policy

  1. Use of Cookies Our website uses cookies to enhance user experience, track website performance, and tailor content to users’ interests.

  2. Consent for Cookies Users consent to the use of cookies by using our website. This consent can be withdrawn at any time by adjusting browser settings.

  3. Types of Cookies Used We detail the types of cookies employed, including session cookies for functionality and persistent cookies for analytics and personalization.

Photography and Image Consent

  1. Consent Requirement Photographs of students are taken with explicit consent for educational, promotional, and celebratory purposes.

  2. Use of Images Images may be used in school-related materials, such as brochures, newsletters, and digital content, always adhering to the dignity and privacy of the student.

  3. Withdrawal of Consent Consent for the use of a student’s image can be withdrawn at any time by submitting a written request to the school administration.